Professor of Linguistics, PI

Professor Polinsky’s work is at the intersection of theoretical syntax and the study of cross-linguistic variation in sentence structure. Language-wise, she specializes in Austronesian and languages of the Caucasus. These days she divides her time between theoretical and experimental work on long-distance dependencies, ergativity, and subject island effects. Her research interests include:

  • language universals and their explanation
  • comparative syntactic theory
  • information structure in natural language
  • incomplete acquisition (heritage languages)
  • Austronesian and Caucasian languages


Annie Gagliardi received her PhD in 2012 from the University of Maryland. Her research focuses on first language acquisition, examining how children use both the data available in the environment as well as their own cognitive capacities to acquire language. Annie is examining these questions in the acquisition of noun classes in Tsez and Norwegian, word learning and the acquisition of filler gap dependencies, using a variety of experimental and computational techniques.

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