Lingsync [] is a free tool for creating and maintaining a shared database for communities, linguists and language learners. It is being developed as part of a joint collaboration between researchers at Harvard University, McGill University, and Concordia University.


We have been developing an Android app that can be used to record and transcribe corpora of understudied languages with the help of native speakers. Check it out here.


Carl Pillot, Greg Scontras, and Lauren Clemens have developed response-time recording functionality for the web-based experiment software Experigen (Becker & Levine 2010). This functionality is included in the latest build of Experigen, which can be downloaded for free through the following link: Experigen.

For a start-to-finish guide to developing your own experiment using ExperigenRT, download this file. In it, you will find a ready-to-use experiment template, together with instructions for modifying the template to fit your needs (SETUP.txt), and a guide for publishing the experiment on the Harvard webspace (HOW_TO_SET_UP_FAS WEB_HOSTING.txt). You will also find the code for retrieving the results of your experiment using the statistical software R (getresults.R).

Variation in Control Structures

A control structure is composed of two clauses, one of which has an overt (expressed) subject, called the controller. The other clause has a covert (deleted or unexpressed) subject, called the controllee, which is co-referential with the controller. For example, 'Kim tried to talk to Sandy' is analyzed as [Kimcontroller tried [to  Kimcontrollee talk to Sandy]]. Until  recently, it was assumed that control structures in English were representative of control structures cross-linguistically. Recent syntactic proposals, especially analyses of backward control, however, have challenged these assumptions. To understand the limits of control (and raising), we have been collecting reports for a variety of languages, especially under-documented languages; these reports are available on the linked site. [Link to Project Website]


Check out the Polinsky Language Science Lab Dataverse here.

Transcription Conventions

Transcription Conventions can be found here.


National Heritage Language Resource Center (UCLA)


Adquisición de Lenguas Maya: Child Language Corpus in Mayan Languages

From competing theories to fieldwork (ARCHI)

International Engagement Through Education

Dialectal variation in Malagasy / Variation dialectale en malgache